Ariana Grande: The Icon of the Twenty First Century

Sometimes I like to feel like an absolute queen. The past few blogs I’ve talked about how different music has made me feel and how has carried me through some of the harder times I’m going through, a.k.a finals week. So this week I am choosing to channel my inner queen and glide through the week with grace.

Ariana Grande doesn’t make music for a traditional queen. While yes, you should still be picturing a powerful woman with a crown and many dogs around her, I mean a queen in a different way. This music is for the strong women who are confident and fearless. Her music is the definition of empowerment.

Ariana Grande first broke onto the music scene in 2013 after her debut on Nickelodeon’s hit show Victorious where she played Cat Valentine. On the show she displayed her impressive musical abilities which launched her full blown music career.

While I could sit here and go through the history of her music career, I’d rather take you through some of my favorite songs she has released that radiate main character energy with a hint of villain attitude.

The first song that comes to my mind is her iconic song “7 rings” from her album thank you, next. This song screams empowerment. The beat is mysterious, her vocals are unlike anything we’ve heard from her before, the premise of the song is luxury. This song is one I’m sure would be played after a nasty breakup or at a club where they take a minute for the girls to hype each other up.

Another song from her that is all powerful is “Dangerous Woman.” With the jazzy tunes and powerful while soft vocals, this song proves Grande’s versatility in the music world. This song is sensual to say the least. This is something you’d expect to see in a modern, fifties style movie where the woman main character is taking over the situation because the men have failed her. Or when a main character is changing up how they are. This is a great character development piece.

Something is so powerful about Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande together. On the song “Side to Side,“ the girl power is so refreshing. A mix of pop and Caribbean style beats with a powerful message, this song pushes them to the top. Both of them on a song is extremely exciting considering the fact that they are two of the most well known women In the music industry today. If you want to feel like you own the world, I recommend this song.

More recently, Grande has grown into her womanhood and her music has displayed that extremely well. Her most recent album Positions is all about her comfortability with her new found womanhood and pride in being an independent woman.

I think the most interesting song from this album is “pov.” It is all about trying to see herself from a lover’s point of view. This song captures the insecurities of all girls who struggle to see themselves as beautiful or pretty, whether it be on the inside or the outside. While it is a song about seeing yourself from other view points, it is still extremely uplifting and powerful.

Another hit song from this album is “positions.” This song is all about being with a lover but at the same time still having the independence to make your own decisions. I enjoy that this song acknowledges the idea of being with someone and working through things while still having a sense of independence.

Overall Ariana Grande has completely paved the way for many young girls and artists. She has set the bar extremely high for any new and upcoming artists. She is a role model and an icon though and through.

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Music is a powerful tool we have to be able to connect with others. My goal is simply to connect with people and help them learn about other music groups.

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Music is a powerful tool we have to be able to connect with others. My goal is simply to connect with people and help them learn about other music groups.

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