Billie Eilish: A Blurry Life

5 min readMar 6, 2021


This week was a very eventful week in the music industry. While there was a lot happening and a lot of new material was released, the most notable event was the release of Billie Eilish’s documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry. Covering her career from age sixteen to present day, her world was uncovered to the public.

Billie Eilish, a teenager from LA, shocked the world in 2016 with her hit single “Ocean Eyes.” This song was unique in every way from lyrics that the industry had never heard to the musicality and composition of the song as a whole, it became a fast hit. It was later featured on her album don’t smile at me (released in 2017) which took the world by storm. And all this happened when she was fourteen and fifteen years old.

On the album don’t smile at me, she and her brother Finneas O’Connell composed nine jaw dropping and breathtaking songs. Out of all of these I have found her song “bellyache” to be one of my favorites. Written in the point of view of a serial killer on the run, this song encapsulates emotions many artists haven’t even ventured to explore musically. This song is truly genius with her hauntingly gorgeous vocals echoing throughout.

Another notable song is “COPYCAT” which is an anthem for many teens today. Something that is rarely talked about in the industry today is being your own persona and having your own interests. Many artists are following a preexisting mold so they can stay as relevant as possible. With this song Eilish uses her powerful musicality and lyric abilities to tell off anyone who tries to copy her aesthetic. When she performs this song in person, no one can stay in one place. It is a powerful staple in her career.

A third song to consider listening to from that album is “my boy.” This song covers the emotions of being in a relationship where the trust has been broken between the two. This song does a really good job of portraying the feelings of betrayal and pride in such an eccentric way.

After she released that album she released a song in collaboration with Khalid. “lovely” was featured in the Netflix adaptation of 13 Reasons Why, and it definitely fits the feeling of the show. The angelic vocals combined with the heavenly instrumentals this song is now where short of peaceful. It truly has the ability to transport the listener into a serene state of mind.

Her next album ushered her farther into the public eye. WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? (released in 2019) is a masterpiece. This album took a darker turn featuring 14 exquisite songs covering a range of emotions and scenarios. Each song in a different perspective with a different emotion. This albums versatility is impressive.

My favorite song from the album has to be “bury a friend.” The music video is a true masterpiece, completely turning the song into its own horror movie. The unique part of this song is its use of a dentist’s drill throughout. Like Jon Bellion, Eilish uses many “unconventional” sounds in her songs. Eilish recorded a dentist’s tool’s sound as he worked on her and put it into the song, giving it even more of an uncomfortable vibe.

Another song off this album is “all the good girls go to hell.” Written in the mindset of a fallen angel or the devil, this song is extremely different. The music video for this song is so intricate with how they portray the whole story in the song. I find that no matter what each and every music video tells a story of its own, giving it it’s own life and character.

One of the most heartfelt and gut wrenching songs I’ve ever heard is “listen before I go.” This song is a suicide note told in song form. It is haunting and devastating. The listener must listen as Eilish explains her pain and her apologies and closing out with what sounds like ground fast approaching. The final seconds of the song you must listen as sirens are heard in the distance and screams erupt. This song hits so close to home for so many and was able to put things into words many fail to attempt to do. This is painful to listen to but it shows a different side of the artist, showing their venerability and versatility.

The last song I will mention is one that took the radio in a wave of love and excitement. “bad guy” is a song depicting a feel- good, confident state of mind. This song features the sound of an Australian crosswalk signal as a background beat. It is a ballad for those who need a moment to be self confident.

Since her release of WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? she has released many singles. The first”everything I ever wanted” is an echo of “listen before I go” but with a more hopeful tone throughout. This song gives a much more positive while still somber out look on the upcoming years as she reflects on the past years.

The next being “No Time to Die” which was written for the most recent Bond film. This encapsulates everything the Bond franchise was built on. It holds its own and is nothing short of incredible.

Her third single “my future” is yet again written as she looks ahead to the upcoming years for herself. This song starts out more jazzy and relaxed, giving off a serene vibe. In the song she talks about how she is content with her life in the present moment and while she is excited to meet the future, she is happy with where she is.

“Therefore I Am” gives off “bad guy” energy. This song is a formal tell off to those who are hating her and telling everyone that she knows her worth. It demonstrates all the personal growth she has done since her albums were released.

And lastly her most recent song to be released is called “Lo Vas A Olvidar” featuring ROSALÍA. This song was written to be featured in an episode of the hit TV show Euphoria, which deals with very real and explicit topics. One of the main topics covered in the show is drug usage and recovery and this song did not disappoint when it came to putting those emotions and struggles into notes. While it sounds like ice trinkling in the sunlight and a windstorm all in one, it just shows how delicate issues such as those are and how fragile every small detail is.

Overall, Eilish has proven herself to be a superstar. She has broken many records, one being that she won 5 Grammys in one show, but she has not disappointed. She has always stayed true to herself and been vulnerable enough to show her fans who she is and what she struggles with. I would seriously consider listening to her.

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