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4 min readApr 3, 2021


This past week was a huge week in the music industry. So many artists released new music and albums. The music world erupted with activity. So this week, I want to focus on one of the releases and the artist behind the release.

NF, also known as Nathan Feuerstien, is one of the most underrated names in rap (in my opinion). Speaking openly about his struggles with mental health in detail or his struggles with family member’s addictions, his music is in a league of its own.

I first found NF through his song “Let You Down” off of his album Perception released in 2017. This song is haunting. The lyrical talent he has is what pushes this song over the top for me. No other artist has spoken so clearly about their personal struggle with mental health before, which is why this is so moving. This is relatable in a way no other song is. I found myself in this song. The lyrics were a reflection of my own thoughts. NF put the things I couldn’t say into words. And I know I’m not the only one who felt that way after listening to this song.

His song “Therapy Session” off of his album Therapy Session, was a shocker for many people. Its beat sounds like someone tiptoeing through a horror movie and the lyrics reflect the real life horrors. He laces the song with horrifying realities that many people either ignore or avoid. One of his many talents is making his music to be like a conversation with the audience while also being a conversation with himself. We are then witnessing him fight with his inner voice while still explaining in detail what he is going through.

Also on Therapy Session is one of his most impactful songs “How Could You Leave Us.”This song brought me to tears the first few times I listened to it. A letter to his mother, NF uses this song to explain in great detail how his mother overdosed on pills and how it has affected him. He tells her throughout the song how mad and broken he is about the whole situation. The last note of the letter is a tearful moment, where he explains how sad he is she won’t be there in the future. This song is raw emotion, and it’s heartbreaking.

One of my favorite songs he has put out is “Real” from Therapy Session. This song is nothing short from its name. So many lines in this song are so powerful. While this isn’t a super emotional song, I still find it to be so powerful. It almost feel’s like his own personal introduction to his audience even though this isn’t his first album. It’s amazing.

On his album The Search, his song “When I Grow Up” is an anthem. This song almost sounds like it should be opening a horror or action movie. It’s beat is so powerful, it shakes your chest as you listen. The lyrics are in a constant conversation with each other, fighting to get the last word in.

Also on this album, “Nate” is a beautifully produced work. This is a letter to NF’s former self. Explaining great detail what he should do as his life and career progress throughout the years. This song gives us insight into how his life changed and how certain events affected him.

This week he released his newest project: CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE). This is nothing like his past albums. And while it already is set apart from his past works, the songs listed are pure artistry and completely set apart from past works.

My personal favorite is “JUST LIKE YOU.” This song pulls the audience in more than any of his other songs. In this song, the person he is talking to is left up to the imagination. He could be talking to his past or to you or to no one. Personally, this song is comforting. I don’t have to wallow in my own self pity in this song, it actually holds my hand and helps me to know I am not alone in struggles.

Also an anthem, “STORY” is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. He was able to tell a story of a robbery in detail (sensory details and all) in a four minute song. This song is beautiful and terrifying all in one. The music video is equally as terrifying. I have never seen anything like this before.

And one of the most respectable things I have found in NF is his ability to speak on all of these issues and tell these stories without swearing. Today, especially, it is almost unheard of to not swear in your music.

Overall I have found that NF is one of my top artists. I adore his ability to speak so openly about his struggles. I love his care for each and every one of his lyrics. I am inspired by his story and his ability to tell it. I highly recommend his music.

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