Orange: The Long Boarding Playlist

3 min readMar 20, 2021


I want to break away from the traditional model of this blog this week and introduce you to my playlist library. While I still enjoy engaging the artists that I want to highlight, I also would like to introduce people to my playlists. This week’s playlist:Orange.

Something that I have done with my playlist library is I label them and organize them simply by colors I feel correspond with the feeling of the whole collection I created. I find this way I am able to combine and associate my love of colors and my love of music so much easier.

My orange playlist is a carefree, happy vibe collection. In this assortment of songs, I have chosen to highlight any summer songs or energetic songs. This is what I consider my long boarding playlist or my summer songs.

Personally, I find that 80’s sounds tend to remind me of summer more than other sounds. They also put me in the best headspace to go long boarding, hence being known as the long boarding playlist. Most of this playlist consists of songs that remind me deeply of 80’s coming of age films. I absolutely adore this type of sound which is why I resonate with it so much when it gets warmer.

One of my favorite songs to long board to is “Boogie” by BROCKHAMPTON. This song just emulates carefree energy. Any time I put this song on I find myself unable to continue to sit still. For some reason the mystifying tones in the song just move your body and make you want to jump.

Another song I’ve put into this playlist that I absolutely adore is “Glimmer” by Tame Impala. This song screams summer attitude with its upbeat tones and lighthearted musicality. Giving the listener an 80s vibe while still carrying a modern touch, this song is a staple in my playlist. You’d expect this song to be playing in an 80’s movie as the neon lights passing the car as the main character vibes with the wind in his or her hair.

I have found that “Lost” by Frank Ocean is another staple in this playlist. It has a more laid back sense about it, but it still transports me to the summer months with its lyrical structure and musicality. It should be on the playlist of a beach or surfer sitcom. The whole song oozes with a carefree tone and embraces the listener in ways no other song has.

Also on this playlist I have included the hit song “Tongue Tied” by Grouplove. This song is a masterpiece in bringing a 90s or 2000s vibe into the modern world. This song has such good energy, it invites a party sensation as the listener gets farther and farther into the song. Reminiscing on the good times, this song is like the smell of a grandmother’s signature cookies filling a house. It only brings summer memories back.

Another one of my favorites is “Miss Missing You” by Fall Out Boy. This song was released in 2013, but its energy is still grasping my heart now in 2021. It is an anthem for those of us who are grabbing hold of the laid back energy of summer. I find myself unable to sit still as their vocals fill my ears. Again giving off an 80’s vibe, this song belongs in some sappy romcom as the main character finally takes hold of their life.

I like to combine traditional songs and electronic songs in this collection. “Dopamine”by Mild Minds is an electronic song that radiates Utopian-thriller movie energy. I find this song to be magical in it’s ability to possess my feet and move them without my knowledge. I believe this song is powerful and perfect for a long boarding cruise at 2:00 AM.

Overall, this is one of my favorite playlists. I have taken a lot of time to create the whole thing and am still adding to it as I go. With the warmer weather coming I expect this to grow in a multitude of ways. Orange is one of my favorite playlists and one of my most frequented. I’ve listed a few more songs I have on this playlist at the bottom for you to experience for yourself.

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