Royal Blue: Stargazing Music

3 min readApr 10, 2021


With the nicer weather at our door step, the night time atmosphere has not been shy when showing itself. The beautiful summer air filled with the sound of tree frogs songs and the slight hum of the streetlamp, the peace in the night is unmatched.

I have always been a night time person. I am drawn to the silent, calm energy that contrasts the daytime hustle and bustle. One of my favorite things in the world is watching the stars. I have made a small, but growing, playlist of songs that I feel capture the serene energy of the night, perfect for stargazing.

Royal Blue is one of my favorite playlists I have created. I feel that each and every song perfectly captures my love of light in such an amazing way. This playlist, while intended for stargazing, also fits with watching the city lights late at night.

The first song is one of my favorite songs to listen to. “Would That I” by Hozier is breathtaking. It sounds like wind brushing through a field of tall grass. It is mystifying in its ability to capture the listener’s attention. The whole song pulls you through a colorful burst of emotions. I find it to be so calming while electrifying, which is why it’s my top for this playlist.

“Will He” by Joji is another staple for this playlist. With it’s jazzy undertones, you’d expect to hear this in a gangster movie in a bar setting as the main character puffs on a cigar and holds a fancy glass with whiskey. This song echos the mystery of night time in such a haunting way. It helps me mellow out and relaxes any other emotions so I can focus on the lights I admire so much.

Harry Styles’ song “Sign of the Times” is another melody that I find fits with this theme. It’s somber vocals mixed with the piano tones, its wonderful to listen to. I imagine this song would be in a coming of age film, while a montage of the main character plays. This is definitely a song that radiates “main character” energy.

Taking more of an upbeat approach, “Stargazing” by the Neighbourhood is another highlight in the playlist. This song has more of a 70s tone, with its minimal chords and beat changes. In all honesty, it sounds like the color of rust, but in a good way. Like I would picture this song in a 70s themed movie, but I’ve put it in Royal Blue because of my love for it.

Another song that I’ve chosen to include in this collection is “xanny” by Billie Eilish.This song’s bass is unmatched. Vibrating your brain as you listen with headphones, its in a league of its own. The whole vibe of the song is somber and calm. It sounds like the early morning hours of the day where the sung hasn’t yet risen but its on its ascent. Gray skies, dew still on the ground, street lamps still humming this song is perfect for this purpose.

“Movement” by Hozier has also found its way onto this playlist. His vocals sound like that of a church choir. It is a peaceful song. It sounds like what I imagine diamonds to sound like, small and delicate. I find that this song, like all the others, is a great fit for this playlist as it captures the mystery of the night without giving up too many of its secrets.

Another artist I have chosen to include in this playlist is none other than Mac Miller. His song “Surf” is so beautiful and soft. This whole playlist about enjoying the beauty of the night and I feel like this song is a perfect example of that. It is slow and methodical, but in an entertaining way. It has a slight jazzy vibe to it, but its not something I would classify as jazz.

Overall, this playlist is one of my favorite projects I have given myself. I am constantly looking for more songs that will help me emulate my love of the night. These few songs that I have highlighted and so many more are perfect examples of my dream night time playlist. I encourage you to find the same type of songs or niche that will just make your heart burst with joy.

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