Yellow: The Happy Playlist

3 min readApr 24, 2021


Overall, this last few weeks of school has sucked. I feel like I am drowning in my work and struggling to keep up with things that need to be done before I move back home. Normally, I would be listening to sad music and drowning my feelings in music that matches that. This year though, I have elected to attempt to combat the sadness with positive vibes and music. Hence, I have ventured back to the Yellow playlist.

Personally, one of my favorite colors is yellow. It has gotten me through some very dark times in my life and I remember a lot of good feelings when I am surrounded by it. So it only made sense to color a playlist about those feelings the same way.

This playlist consists of a lot of different variations of music. From rap to happy, poppy tunes, its basically any song that puts me in a good mood and releases a small bit of seritonin for me.

The first song that I love off of this playlist is “Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) [feat. MGMT & Ratatat]” by Kid Cudi. I’m not entirely sure what it is about this song that makes me so happy but it is so so so good. Kid Cudi has a very chill demeanor in his music in general and his vocals really help to pull you up to his level of relaxation and tranquility. The song has a very delicate while still vibey beat making it a party song and a relaxing song all in one.

In that same genre of music, “Weekend (feat. Miguel)” by Mac Miller is so soothing. This song really pushes you to just calm your energy and smile about life. Mac’s vocals are so unique and pleasing that whoever listens to him can’t help but to vibe out. I find this song to be a staple of this playlist.

“Nice to Meet Ya” by Niall Horan is a jazzy song that is brilliant. While it definitely can be a dance song, I find that it is a good song to just chill with. His deep voice and the guitar chords combined are so peaceful, as if he puts a spell on the listener. This song is definitely a more upbeat one for the playlist, but I find that it is still a good song to uplift me if I need it.

“Cigarettes on Patios” by BabyJake is a combination of jazz and rap which is extremely hard to do. This song is so amazing in the way it combines both genres of the previous songs. His vocals are so beautiful and calming. Unlike the other songs, you probably wouldn’t hear this song being played at a party. It’s just a little too slow to be a party song, so it fit perfectly for this playlist.

“Dopeman” by Monte Bros is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is a hype song for me. The beat is amazing. The vocals are so unique and exciting. This song could definitely be a party song or a summer song but at the same time because it radiates such good energy, it would be a crime to not add it into this playlist. The overall song definitely passes the vibe check for me.

A classic for me is “Wow.” by Post Malone. Post Malone is such a versatile artist and his music is so great in the way that it can be played almost anywhere. This song is such a good one. It’s beat is so good, its not too vibey but its not overbearing either.

And the last song that I adore is “Livin’ in a Dream (feat. Nipsey Hussle)” by The Neighbourhood. Just like the title, this song is quite dreamy. The rapping in the song mixed with the jazzy and modern beat all at once, its only something that would be found in a dream. I highly recommend this song, if you listen to any of the ones I suggest this one for sure.

There are so many more in this playlist alone but I can’t talk about each and every one as much as I want. This is one of my favorites and sadly I tend to forget about it more than my other ones as I update them but I hope to continue adding more and more as I go and grow into myself.

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